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Build tight, ventilate right! With the increase in design of airtight dwellings in Australia there is a greater focus on balanced ventilation and heat recovery. Have an existing Air Conditioning system? Installing a DVS home ventilation system from Fresh VHC can boost its performance by making your home’s air easier to heat and cool!

It may not be the first thought on your builders mind but problems in a poorly ventilated home will last a lot longer than the builders insurance. 

When building it’s easy to forget about ventilation amongst the many decisions you have to make. A healthy home often ends up at the bottom of the to-do list below curtains, carpet and furniture. It’s easy to forget that mould would be an issue in a new home, but if you think smart when it comes to building you can easily combat these issues – keeping those beautiful interiors mould-free. Proper ventilation is essential for maintaining good air quality.

It’s a common misconception mould and mildew only surface in older homes. In reality, the modern, superior methods of building mean homes are typically more air-tight, and as a result, need to be encouraged to breathe. A recent BRANZ survey found mould was visible in nearly half (49%) of all property surveyed in the 2015 House Condition Survey. 

The cold, damp conditions common in Australian winters provide the ideal breeding ground for mould and mildew and, when left to grow in large quantities, they can cause serious health issues as well as significant damages to your home. That’s why it’s important to keep your home as dry as possible at all times.

A typical household produces around 12 litres of water per day from cooking, showering and general living. It’s easy to see how excess moisture can quickly build up – in addition, our busy lifestyle often means homes are closed up for most of the day, trapping all that moisture inside. 

Ventilation systems are the most effective way to reduce excess water vapour. They continuously push out the moisture-laden, stale air, replacing it with fresher, drier air. The air is filtered before it enters the home, significantly reducing exposure to dust, pollen, plant spores and other inhaled triggers. 

By keeping excess moisture and condensation in a home to a minimum, you can significantly improve the environment for allergy and asthma sufferers in your home. A drier, healthier home can relieve their symptoms and reduce the number of sick days your family experiences each year.

Over time, ventilating your home can also save you money. A damp home is much harder to heat than a dry one, so by keeping your home well ventilated you’ll save on the cost of heating. A damp home can also deteriorate internal furnishings quicker, meaning that interiors like paint, wallpaper and curtains may need replacing earlier than usual. 


DVS Reclaim Connect Ventilation System

If you’re looking for ways to create a healthier and more energy-efficient home, our ultimate balanced heat recovery ventilation system is the perfect ventilation solution for your home. The heat exchanger reclaims energy produced by the exhausted stale air, and redistribute it into your home. This means that less heating is required to keep your home warm, which equates to big savings – both to your power bill and the environment.


Controlled ventilation is the key to achieve necessary air changes while maintaining an energy-efficient building. The DVS Reclaim Connect is an enhanced balanced heat recovery ventilation system, and is located in your roof space. The two energy-efficient fans will effortlessly and quietly extract the damp, stale air and deliver fresh, filtered air into your home to keep it dry and happy-as. As the ventilation system extracts the stale air, the heat exchanger reclaims energy that passes through it, which means that less energy escapes from your home.

Mechanical ventilation is essential to manage internal moisture in airtight buildings, for this reason balanced heat recovery ventilation systems like the DVS Reclaim Connect are perfect for modern homes.

The DVS Reclaim Connect is our ultimate whole-house balanced heat recovery ventilation system, and features a wireless CO2 sensor, which continually monitors the level of carbon dioxide in your home. When CO2 reaches an unhealthy level, the ventilation system will instantly increase the level of fresh air delivered into your home – helping to keep you and your family healthier all year round.

The Humidity Sensitive control function ensures your ventilation system will only ventilate your home with air that will assist in keeping your home drier, while the energy the heat exchanger has recovered will be re-used in your home. That means less heating is required to keep your home at a desired temperature. That equates to big savings on your power bill and also benefits the environment.


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