Solar Whiz RAF2100 - Solar Roof Ventilator - Whirlybird Ventilation-35W PV

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Built for Australian roofs & operates completely without mains electricity. Less noisy & technically superior than other vents.


The Solar Whiz RAF2100 is a powerful roof ventilation with air extraction at least 21 times greater than a standard whirlybird.

The Solar Whiz operates completely without mains electricity.

Isn't noisey like other roof ventilators. 

Install Solar Whiz on any pitched roof and Solar Panel can be easily adjusted to face the sun. 

It is the ideal solar exhaust fan for roof ventilation and home cooling in summer.  

Great for reducing moisture levels and condensation in the roof space in winter.


Its superior performance, its ability to suit different climates and applications, its ease of installation, and a flexible design that specifically suits Australian roofs, have all underpinned the success for this solar roof ventilation system.


The Solar Whiz RAF2100 will provide enough ventilation for a home up to 300m2. This is about the size of a large four/ five bedroom home. 


Optional Extras: 

  • Fixed Thermostat

    Prevent heat loss during winter. The fixed thermostat is pre-set at 25 degrees celcius. The fixed thermostat should be installed in the roof space. The Solar Whiz whirlybird will not run unless the roof space is above 25 degrees celcius.

  • Adjustable Temperature Thermostat

    Prevent heat loss during winter. The adjustable thermostat is settable from 10 to 30 degrees celcius and has an On/Off switch. The adjustable thermostat can be installed in the roof space or on a wall in the house. The Solar Whiz whirlybird will not run unless the roof/house is above the selected temperature.  

  • Constant Current Module (Mains Boosting) with Power Pack

    Add night time operation to your Solar Powered Solar Whiz whirlybird.  In addition to night time operation, this module also means that the Solar Whiz whirlybird will not reduce its speed on cloudy days.

    The constant current module includes a 24V 3A power pack. We recommend that you purchase an adjustable thermostat too so that the Solar Whiz whirlybird can be switched off when not required.

  • Bush Fire Rated Eave Vents

    Maximise the efficiency of your Solar Whiz whirlybird by allowing replacement air to freely enter the roof space. Bush fire rated eave vents are unobtrusive and easy to install. They are covered in white powdercoat.

    We recommend for corrugated roofs with thermal blanket or heavy sarked tiled roofs four to six eave vents per Solar Whiz whirlybird for maximum roof space ventilation. if your roof doesn't have these then you probably won't need eave vents. 


Save with Solar Whiz Accessory Pack Normal Price $305 Sale Price $258

Get all the extras in One Easy Pack to maximise your Solar Whiz performance and Save.

Pack is suitable for all residential Solar Whiz models SW RAF 700/900/1400 and 2100.

Solar Whiz Accessory Pack includes:

  1. Adjustable Thermostat
  2. Power Pack
  3. Constant Current Module
  4. 4 Bush Fire Rated Eave Vents
The Solar Whiz has a 10 year warranty on its PV panel. 2 years manufactures warranty on all other components. Fresh VHC offer an extra 3 years warranty on components. In total components have a 5 year warranty.