Under Floor / Sub Floor / Under House Ventilation Kit Normal Size house

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Sub Floor Ventilation Kit

2 Centrifugal Fans made in Germany by ebm-papst

Suitable for a 4 bedrooms house or areas up to 180m2


Our FVHCSF2 sub floor ventilation kit includes two 150mm centrifugal fans to extract moist air out of your sub floor area and all necessary components required to install the system using existing electrical connections.  You may require an electrician if your sub floor area does not already have a power point available, or if a power point is already available, extension leads to allow the fans to be located in your desired locations.

Our FVHCSF2 sub floor ventilation kit is a ducted kit providing more beneficial and controlled extraction than wall mounted fans.  The kit allows for two extraction points (air intakes) per fan and one wall mounted exhaust grille per fan.

Fresh air can be supplied to a sub floor area by one or both fans by simply reversing the fan during installation so that air is pushed into the sub floor area rather than sucked out of the sub floor area.

We do not recommend or supply wall mounted fans as they do not provide adequate suction further into the sub floor area to create the required cross-flow ventilation.

Our fans are operated by a supplied programmable timer, which we recommend installing in a power point near the entrance to the sub floor area.


Fan Specifications:

  • Single speed
  • 560m³/h air flow at 52W power usage per fan
  • R2E190 motor manufactured by ebm-papst in Germany
  • Fan casing / housing manufactured in Australia
  • IP 44 protection rating
  • very quiet operation
  • 5 year warranty
  • designed for use in humid and wet areas
  • no maintenance required.

Please bear in mind in relation to air flow that these are centrifugal fans.  Air flow measurements are always measured on naked fans without ducting to create any resistive pressure.  Centrifugal fans perform vastly better than inline axial/mixflow fans in a ducted installation.


Why is it Important to Ventilate a Sub Floor Area:

  • Poorly ventilated sub floor areas are often damp. Dampness can result in mould, mildew, musty odours, wood rot and pest infestation in your sub floor area and can also contribute to the spread of mould, mildew and allergies above.
  • Sub floor ventilation can remove ground moisture from underneath raised floors, creating a drier and warmer sub floor area.
  • Pest and building inspectors recommend sub floor ventilation to reduce termite risk.


Included in Our FVHCSF2 Sub Floor Ventilation Kit:

  • 2 anodised aluminium weatherproof grilles
  • 2 back boxes for direct duct connection to the anodised grilles
  • 24 metres of V-Flex ducting manufactured in Australia (see video below). Think you will need more ducting? Click here to add more to your cart
  • 7-day programmable timer with battery backup of time and settings
  • All necessary joiners, splitters, duct tape and hanging tape
  • 5 years warranty
  • Up to 30 minutes of one on one technical advice to help you get the most out of your installation in regards to your sub floor area.

The video below contains a demonstration of our good quality Australian made ducting compared to cheaper ducting:


5 Years Warranty